Inverted Box Pleat: ZW Bell Jacket

Posted by Birgitta Helmersson on

This is a tutorial that further explains how to do the inverted box pleat on the back of the ZW Bell Jacket with colour photos. This tutorial is shown using the size ONE, if you are sewing the size TWO follow the steps to sew on the back panels, then you can follow the same steps below for doing the inverted box pleat.

*The sewing steps are numbered in order based on the PDF Instructions Booklet.


With right sides together sew the CB pleat at the first notch away from the centre back. Sew a straight line down from this point 10cm / 4”.



Fold out the pleat so that the centre is in the centre of the pleat. The pleat should be an inverted pleat, when looking at the outside, right side, of the garment. Lightly press the pleat in place and then do a stitch along the top neck to secure the pleat in place.

*TIPS to keep the pleat sitting neatly at the centre back add a few pins to hold in place, this pleat will get secured down later on once the lining has been attached.

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