Based in Malmö Sweden, Birgitta Helmersson designs and develops sewing patterns and clothing exclusively using zero waste pattern cutting, which means no fabric is wasted in the cutting and sewing process. Small collections and one off garments are designed and made in-house with a small team, using natural and re-purposed fabrics. 
Previously based in Melbourne Australia, Birgitta has 20 years industry experience as a designer, seamstress and pattern maker in both fashion and costume for theatre. Her self titled label was founded in 2013, with a studio//store in Collingwood between 2016-2018. Birgitta packed up the business to reconnect with her Swedish roots and re-locate to Sweden with her family in early 2018.
Upon moving to Sweden in 2018 Birgitta also founded a new project with partner Sam Grose, combining their last names to form Helgrose, a clothing brand making genderless workwear inspired ranges from GOTS certified organic cotton and vintage cloth, made in-house in Malmö Sweden with a Zero Waste Production Model.
The Helgrose Studio//Store is home to both the Helgrose and Birgitta Helmersson labels and operates as a retail space, as well as a manufacturing and design studio. 
Find out more about Helgrose HERE.