Pattern Updates

SIZES: We are currently working on extending sizing for all of our patterns but this can be quite a slow process as each pattern takes a lot of time to develop. Due to the Zero Waste nature of the patterns each additional size range will often require an entirely new cutting layout to be developed in order to use every last piece of fabric. If you would like to hear when new size updates are available you can join our mailing list to find out when new patterns are released.

PATTERN UPDATES: We sometimes need to fix minor errors or change parts of the layout and look of our patterns as we grow to keep in line with our branding, as well as adding in helpful elements along the way. 

We go through every pattern with a fine tooth comb and try to get them as perfect as possible, but as we are only human there can be small errors from time to time. If you find any errors in our patterns we would love to hear from you via and we will do our best to fix them as soon as possible.

If you have purchased a pattern prior to any pattern updates below and would like an updated copy please email and we would be happy to send a complimentary copy your way.


April 26, 2022: ZW Block Pant. All booklets updated with darker text so that it is clearer when printing.

February 21, 2022: ZW Block Pant. 'Instruction Booklet' updated with clearer info on Seam Allowances. Paragraph added to p.3 under 'Seam Allowances', and title in the Sewing Instructions, p.7 changed to 'Seam Allowances' instead of previous title 'Finishing Seams'.

February 12, 2022: ZW Block Pant. 'Cutting Plan' size XS, page 2 ‘Pattern Pieces’, piece C wrongly says 67cm /26.5”, it has been corrected to say 'Remainder after cutting B’.

December 28, 2021: ZW Block Pant. 'Cutting Plan' all sizes, 5cm x 5cm / 2" x 2" test square added to last page. 'Cutting Plan' all sizes, p.2 typo, total fabric width incorrectly says 33-61”, has been corrected to 55-61”. ‘Cutting Plan’, all sizes, p.1 typo, template G incorrectly has a measurement of 3.5cm / 1.4”, has been corrected to 3cm / 1.2” (in-line with the actual template size on the last page). ‘Instruction Booklet’ p.5, light-mid weight denim added in as a recommended fabric type. ‘Instruction Booklet’ p.4, ‘*Based on using recommended fabric widths: 140cm-155cm / 55”-61’ added above the ‘Yardage requirements by size’ chart. ‘Instruction Booklet’ p.17, more details added to text and diagram on how to cut using narrow fabric widths.

August 20, 2021: ZW Gather Dress. Bodice length measurement added into 'Pattern Measurements in Full' page 11

June 28, 2021: ZW Cropped Shirt Size Two, ZW Gather Dress Size Two. Error in text p. 1 & 3 sizing description, saying it accommodates up to a size EU54, should read EU52.

June 15, 2021: All current patterns updated (ZW Cropped Shirt, ZW Workwear Jacket, ZW Coat, ZW Gather Dress). Major changes include combining both cm and inches pattern booklets into the one Booklet. The entire pattern booklets have been visually updated branding wise to be more consistent with our new patterns we will work on in the future. The ZW Cropped Shirt now includes the gather sleeve hack instead of the back dart hack, otherwise the layout, cutting plans, and instructions remain largely the same as before.