I am Birgitta Helmersson, a Maker and Designer exploring Zero Waste Pattern-Cutting and mindful design. Everything   pieces are made in-house, and often individually tailored.


 I am passionate about encouraging a stronger connection with the way we wear, and consume clothing.  each item is made to be long lasting and timeless using a mixture of high quality natral fibres, found fabrics, and  re-purposed scraps and remnants.  




A large portion of our pieces in-store are made of linen (Lithuania), we also have some other pieces in a variety of fabrics including Organic Cotton Jersey (woven in Australia), Raw Denim (Japan), Organic Hemp/Cotton (China),  Merino Wool (New Zealand/ China), and coats made from re-purposed wool blankets. We are also currently working on bringing in some woven fabrics made from recycled denim which I’m very excited about.