Other Work




Oct 2017, Group Exhibition, Milly Sleeping, Melbourne AUSTRALIA

Rag rug made from post production textile waste left over in the BH studio in Collingwood., Australia.  The rug took 70hrs to make by hand and measures 82cm x 310cm.




August 2017, Radiant Pavilion Jewellery and Object Trail, Melbourne Australia.

Made from post production textile waste and recycled silver.

As part of Radiant Pavilion 2017, Birgitta Helmersson and Minna Loft have come together due to their shared passion for textiles. Birgitta's extensive knowledge of textiles stems from a background in pattern making and garment construction, while Minna has a craft based approach, using textiles as a basis for many of her jewellery works, with a particular interest in traditional crafts. Having discovered their similar interests in re-purposing materials and garments, this body of work explores the intersection between clothing and jewellery.

Photography: Elizabeth Yong


Elizabeth + Birgitta   

Ongoing from 2015

An ongoing collaboration with Elizabeth Yong of 'Primoeza' inspired by vintage workwear and employing a slow fashion approach. The first 3 collections feature a checked linen, dyed locally in Melbourne using fabric yardage left over from previous collections. Linen offcuts from production are saved to make patch-worked tote bags and hand stitched pin cushions. Up to date 3 collections have been worked on together, all of which have been made to order in-house at the BH Studio//Store in Collingwood, Australia.

Photography: Elizabeth Yong

Models: Natassja Soderbom - Collection #2,   Ana Castro - Collection #3


Blanket Coat Project   Winter 2017 & 2018

An ongoing project making one off coats by re-purposing vintage and second hand blankets. These are some of the pieces made during the Winter period of 2017 and 2018.